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Office Chair Massager

 Office Chair Massager Benefits

Office Chair Massager - you considering a chair massage or maybe an electric chair massage? They are wonderful ways to enhance the comfort and pleasure of your chair.

I had an electric chair massager when I was in school, back in the early sixties. My old teacher had some great things to say about it. He said the best chairs were made from wood and this is exactly what a chair massager does. The woods used for massaging chairs are much softer and smoother than oak.

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I always felt that chair massages offered more relief than the old-fashioned electric ones. They are only an electric device, they don't give you as much vibration, you get more like a massage, but they do give you more control over the movement. The pressure is less because there is no vibration.

Office chair massages will be more comfortable if you use it properly. You have to be careful with them because you can hurt yourself. If you look at them carefully, you can avoid hitting your back or your neck by not twisting the neck too much.

Also you have to sit in the chair correctly in order to get maximum benefit from an electric chair massager. This means that you must know the proper way to sit and how to get up out of your chair.

I know you want to sit in the chair with the seat back parallel to the floor, and then you can move around, it helps to have the chair massager on the left side. With the chair massager on the left side and just a few inches of forward movement, you will easily make your right side and you will get maximum relief from the mechanical vibration. It is great if you find yourself in a rocking chair or a back support, which will provide you with even more and extra circulation and better posture.

One good place to use the chair massager is when you are reading, or if you like to read with your knees. You can get relief by giving yourself some pressure with the smooth motions that you can feel.

Massage your back and shoulders and neck. I am not talking about the standard massage either, I am talking about full-body massage with body heat and the relief will be great. This is a perfect time to use the chair massage as well.

The massage and the chair massager will give you more therapeutic benefits. If you have never had this kind of massage before you will see and feel the difference.

I have many years experience with massage devices and the electric chair massager is very convenient and very easy to use. You can get a massage anywhere you like. In the office, at home, in the car or in the shower, anywhere.

I highly recommend using an office chair massager. They are a great way to enhance the comfort and the enjoyment of your chair. They are quiet and are far more gentle than a traditional massage and will provide you with more benefits than a normal massage.

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